A 800 Alaturka Under Table Heater

• Under Table Infrared Heater
• Red Colour
• 3 Bar
• Roll Over Safety
• 1500 Watt


You can also contribute to the decoration style of your spaces with the heater model that can accompany you warmly and comfortably on cold days. The heater model, which comes to life with modern design touches, eliminates the shaking cold of the winter months with its special resistances.
The heater model, which will allow you to add warmth to all the environments in which you are located, can heat many different places such as small spaces, large rooms and large working areas. You can also save energy with the heater model, which can reach the desired temperature levels as quickly as possible and eliminate the time required for preheating.

Product Features

  • -
    Roll Over Safety
  • -
    3 Bar
  • -
    1500 Watts
  • -
    154x240x520 Size
  • -
    470x525x485 (6-Package)