A 801 Alaturka Under Table Heater

• Under Table Infrared Heater
• Black Color
• 1 Bar
• Roll Over Safety
• 1000 Watt


Suitable for home and workplace, the black colored heater model is also an energy saving heater model. The heater model offers maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption and you can heat your environment as fast as possible. The heater model, which eliminates the pre-heating time and quickly heats the environment, also attracts attention with its special design.
The heater model, which adds decorative elegance to the environment in which it is located and can adapt to many different decoration styles, is produced in compliance with the safety standards and presented to you. Environmentally friendly and resistant to external factors, you can use the heater model for many years.

Product Features

  • -
    Roll Over Safety
  • -
    1 Bar
  • -
    1000 Watts
  • -
    154x240x520 Size
  • -
    470x525x485 (6-Package)