A 840 Aferin Heater

• Large Quartz Stove
• Thermostat
• Roll Over Safety


With the heater model designed to be resistant to environmental factors, you can start to spend the cold winter months warmer than ever. The heater model that works with electrical energy can be used at home and work places and also has a portable structure. You can also save energy with the heater model that you can use reliably in any environment you want.
The heater model designed with new generation technologies does not create any harmful situation for human health. This product, which provides heating by heating the objects directly without using the air in the space, is produced as 100% reliable and environmentally friendly.

Product Features

  • -
  • -
    Roll Over Safety
  • -
    Demountable Leg
  • -
    Offset Packaging
  • -
    3x800=2400 Watts
  • -
    135 x 737 x 592 Size